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I agree with you. When a team gets that far down it's not good for the league either.

I'm sure there will be some changes soon.

What we are witnessing here is the true power we the people have, purchasing power.
And it's working.

4) The scene at Arrowhead. The Kansas City Star reported on Monday, a day after a lopsided loss to the Cincinnati Bengals led to some humiliating images of a mostly-empty Arrowhead, that Clark Hunt and his family have "been privately concerned about a growing fan resentment for some time now." On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs get Peyton Manning and the red-hot Broncos at home. And in light of that reporting, it's not a stretch to say a bad effort might well accelerate the process. Owners can take getting beat. They can take booing. What's hard to swallow is apathy. The large pockets of vacant seats sent a powerful message on Sunday. If Manning gets off to a quick start, more of that could be coming, and facing 1-10 and a December of irrelevance might be too much for Hunt to take. And remember, that's the same Manning who wouldn't give the Chiefs the courtesy of a visit back in March. What it could add up to is a repeat of last Sunday's sad scene in K.C., and potentially the eventual ouster of two good football men (GM Scott Pioli and coach Romeo Crennel) who haven't come close to getting it right the last 12 months.

Pioli is as good as gone by the end of next month/early January.
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