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Originally Posted by spdirty View Post
We haven't won back to back division titles since 1986-1987. And while last years division title felt like we were the kings of crap, I am enjoying having it pretty much locked up before Thanksgiving. It really is nice not having to hope this team beats that team and blah blah blah just to get a damn home playoff game. It's nice knowing that the absolute floor for this team is the 4th seed in the playoffs. Now we're doing the rooting for Jets and Lions and Chargers this week in hopes of getting a first round bye.

I am really enjoying what we have now, enjoying the fact that the absolute incompetence of the 3 foes in our division will give it to us this year, and we can focus on bigger things.

I realize that having this kind of total dominance over the rest of the division probably won't last very long, so I am enjoying it while we have it.

Another thing, the overall record against our division foes means something to me, and I would love to close the gap there. We are now 44-59-2 against the Raiders and 47-55 against the Chiefs. Nothing would make me happier than to see us have winning records against the Chiefs and Raiders in 10 years because they constantly suck and we are constantly good.
Imagine us wanting the Chargers to win a game in November to HELP US. -

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