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TJ Ward

Originally Posted by bowtown View Post
I agree. As much as I love watching the total joke that is the rest of our division, I miss the days when it was one of the toughest most feared divisions in football. It's been nice watching the Chiefs and Raiders wallow in suck for the past decade but I think I prefer it when things are right in the world, the competition is fierce for the top, and SD is back to finishing in the cellar every year.

I love winning the division but somehow it feels a little hollow compared to years past when you really had to fight for it.
Agree. The only nice thing is I don't have to take as much blood pressure medicine. I remember worrying about division games for days and then either wondering why I worried so much when we won or being in a funk for a few days if we lost. I do miss that. No don't have a problem with winning out but is much nicer when there's a real fight.
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