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Default Happy Thanksgiving to one and all

I did not see a thread on this if there is one merge it.

I wanted to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. To my fellow Bronco fans and fans of other teams even though your teams suck..

I know sometimes we do not always agree, but then if there was not different ideas being passed back and forth, this would be a dull place to get Bronco news and insight from other fans no matter how wrong they might be.

This a a special day, for the USA. A time to set down relax and be with family, share some time with them over a nice meal, something that happens ever so rarely in today's hectic grind.

With many working long hours in some cases two jobs to make ends meet, life is tough.

So take a day off or time off if you have to work and give thanks for all this country is blessed with.

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