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Originally Posted by baja View Post
Anybody think SD can beat the Ravens in SD
No and i will tell you why.

Charger suck. Bwaaaa. I don't think so because Ravens run defense is getting better. Ed Reed and Suggs will be playing. Ngata is healthier then all yr. The played better vs the run last couple weeks and Mathews and the Chargers not running it very well.

River to pass well needs time. He doesn't do well when he is getting pushed and prodded to the edges. Chargers oline is just total crap and banged up. I think even minus Ray Lewis River won't have enough time to keep up with the Ravens who have Ray Rice and a way better oline. I mean loads better no comparison.

So based on the fast one teams oline is crap and the other isn't i am going with the Ravens. But Ravens offense has sucked on the road this yr so,.....
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