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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
It's not sad the Chiefs stink and the fans have to pay to watch it. It's awesome and halarious. I think it would be joyous if not only the lost every game, but that after they draft Geno he gets busted for gambling and banned for life. Why would we be sad the Chiefs stink? We should hope for that every yr IMO. I guess it is better if every once in awhile they win a few games to get Len Dawson excited but sad? no its not sad.
Sorry, I just can't get behind this view. There is no joy to be had in beating up a handicapped child. I'm looking forward to the play-offs and hoping the Broncos will do well. But, I can't derive much joy from winning the AFC West this year as it was handed to us on a silver platter. I find it exponentially more enjoyable to watch the Broncos prevail against a worthy opponent. That is why I will always cherish Superbowl XXXII more than Superbowl XXXIII. As Baja mentioned, a franchise tanking this hard hurts the division and the league as a whole.
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