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Originally Posted by Hallside View Post
Apparently, Aaron Curry got a 26 on his Wonderlic, which is a good score for a LB--even a decent score for a QB. I doubt it's his brainpower holding him back.

Wonder what his problem is.

Just sometimes when poor kids hit it rich, hell for the matter most folks win the lottery their IQ level get cut by 80%, with all the dumb things they do.

Hard to concentrate on work when your mentally in the club with a sweetie on your Lap.

Maybe he guessed right taking the test.
Who the hell knows.
But seems clear if he is cut by one of the worst teams in the league something is wrong.

It is not like aldais is still making decisions there. Dennis Allen seemed to have his act together as our DC so I'd like to think he was given a chance to get it right before Allen cut him.
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