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Quinn's Last Stand

1. Quinn's Tebow revenge factor
2. Chief's revenge factor for losing out on Peyton Manning
3. Chiefs hate Broncos so much they will rip our helmets off syndrome
4. Arrowhead home-field advantage
5. Pioli/Patriots hate/revenge factor for firing McDaniels
6. Divisional rivalry
7. Patricide/Infanticide syndrome
8. Chiefs historical fail year vs. Broncos amazing turn-around syndrome
9. David vs. Goliath complex
10. Desperation syndrome
11. Caged-animal syndrome
12. Back-against the wall syndrome
13. NFl's leading pass-rush vs. Instant-Concussion Poser Boy
14. Angst of not having won a playoff game since 1994, while in the midst of worst season in franchise history
15. Chiefs fans shooting other Chiefs fans in the face
16. Realization that even with the 1st pick in the draft, you get sucky QB syndrome
17. Chiefs fans realization that they had no hope in the past, present, or future

This ought to be epic.

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