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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
We already did when he was suspended. The exact terms aren't known.
It was restructured only for this year. Right now he Is playing for next year contract where ever that might be. Since he is on the books for $7.7 mil next year playing back up as it stands for now. That is not going to stand, hoping he plays lights out and some moron GM will give us something for his dumb ass. But then Millen is not in DET anymore sothat seems unlikely.

He is not going unseat Woodyard or Miller so that means the only slot is MLB which he has already done once before and has not shown a huge aptitude for that. Typically the MLB takes from sideline and makes the calls on defense and adjusts them to fit what the O is showing them. He is not smart enough to do that and no amount of coaching up from JDR is going to fix that.

Now they may decide he is a good enough athlete to overlook him making the calls but, that stills calls in Elways upgrading of the team to his players. Smart and leaders two things DJ is not.

Not to mention JDR is a LB guy I suspects he wants players that can do their job in all respects.
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