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Originally Posted by Flex Gunmetal View Post

Not only is Lonestar annoying the most annoying retard here with his constant complaining and arguing for the sake of standing out, but the dude has a tenuous grasp on the English language at best.

You really think people are going to give a rat's ass about your garbage takes, if deciphering your 3rd grade grammar is such a pain in the ass?

Step One: Determine whether or not what you are saying needs to be heard. Ask yourself "Am I being a jackass for attention?". If the answer is yes, refer to step three.

Step Two: Determine whether or not you can actually convey your garbled up thoughts in a manner that is even somewhat digestible to a fluent English speaker. If the answer is no, refer to step three.

Step Three: If your name is Lonestar, you have undoubtedly failed on the first two steps. Please forget your login information and throw your computer out the window of your leased double wide. Your life is now forfeit as your crusade to prove people wrong on the internet has come to an abrupt close.

Wow just when I thought there were no more morons on this forum.. another one jumps up and plays forum police..

Ask me if I care about your take..

BTW my "double wide" is about 2600 square feet in prime neighborhood, Pool, Spa and sauna.. all paid for and again Ask me if I care about your take..
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