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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
RB. I think this team is going to give Hillman his due, they might not like him as a 25 carry per game guy, but I don't see them do anything crazy in free agency of the draft if they believe Mcgahee has another year in him and Hillman can take a larger share of the snaps next year.

LB. This right now looks like the biggest position of need. DJ is going to be a free agent and has a handful of games to show he needs to be back. Trevarthan, Woodyard and Miller are the 3 guys we can build around - I personally believe Mays may be cut. MLB is a position of need, we need an athletic guy in there who can play the run and drop into zone coverage.

CB. Porter is most likely gone, he was on a one year deal and I don't see them resigning him currently. Bailey probably has another year left in him at CB and Carter and Harris are playing well. If there is an athletic cover CB in the 1st round it wouldn't surprise me to see us go that way - I don't think we will be trying to make a big splash in FA at this position, especially given the Clady contract will need to be reworked along with Woodyard and a few others.

DT. This position is a real wild card, Bannan is a free agent, Warren is a free agent, Vickerson is a free agent. I believe Bannan and Vickerson may be back at reasonable costs, I assume we will sign a veteran player. Depending where they want to go with Jackson and Wolfe (DE or DT) they may decide getting a veteran is enough or they could go with a 1st or 2nd round big run stopping NT type DT.

WR. Stokley will skip part of OTAs but will be back for another year. There are a lot of good veterans in free agency this year including Ammendola, Jennings, Bowe, Welker, Drive, Danario Alexander (if he is healthy), Brian Hartline, Devery Henderson. I don't think this will be a position we are going to be drafting highly.

OL. They will either tag or sign Clady and other than that I doubt they will do much.

S. Safety is not a position of concern, with Carter back, Moore really growing into the role and Leonhard and Adams providing experience and depth there is no need to do anything.

TE. I see this as the biggest question mark on the team. Tamme has dropped too many balls and Dreesen is just not getting open consistently enough. Green is a solid blocker and has some playmaking ability but is not getting on the field enough. I would not be surprised to see us try to go after the Stanford guy in the 2nd round if he is there, we need a big athletic target who can provide those mismatches we see other top passing teams get with their TEs.
Actually DJ has one more year on @ $7,700,000.00.. as it stand right now..

His production is not what you expect for that kind of money..
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