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Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
What do you think of someone like Shon Greene/Stephen Jackson or even Jonathan Dwyer?
1. Good call on Shonn Greene. That might be the guy they target. He'll be looking to get paid, maybe we can get him with the little known Manning effect for ~$3M.
2. The Broncos probably can't afford Steven Jackson.
3. Jonathan Dwyer would nice, but don't see him moving with RFA status. I guess it depends on what draft pick restriction they place on him.

Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
Yeah, I'm with you on Randy Starks but I think he'll price himself out. What do you think about Dwan Edwards or even Glenn Dorsey who I definitely think would be a much better 1 tech 4-3 DT?
1. We could probably afford Starks at $5M per year depending on where they want to play Wolfe. I would play Wolfe at UT, and forget about adding another UT.
2. Isn't Dwan Edwards under contract through 2013?
3. I think they are probably pretty happy with Vickerson, and won't look to add Dorsey, unless they can't come to reasonable terms with Big Vick. Dorsey's health is a big question.

Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
I think Stokley comes back for another year but we'll definitely need to bring in another slot WR for competition. Not much going in the FA class apart from Danny Amendola who's going to get a long term deal or be franchised.
Agree. I think they try to find a gem of a mid-round WR to take Matthew Willis' spot. Then hope the new guy can add some playmaking ability now, while developing into a possible #2WR in the future.

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