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Originally Posted by TomServo View Post
im not lobbying for the cell phone guy to be signed. i see you probably didnt look at the stats. KM's longest run in 4 years is 36 yards.cell phone guy, 68 in one season 51 in another so all runs in between are unknown. both played short seasons but cell phone guy came out of the kiosk in 2008 and had a better season than KM starting fresh in 2011. explain how old man buckhalter did fine and old man mcgahee run fine behind the exact same offense? KM and T Bell both fell down if a slight breeze hit them. but given a little room t bell could at least break a long run.
I have seen attempts at this comparison before and yes I did look at the stats. They are essentially meaningless considering the offense. You seem quite confused as to when guys were playing and the system they were playing in. Bell always played in the Shanahan system, and excelled at being fast when he wasn't touched, there's a reason why no one picked Bell up again after the 2008 season. Macgahee and Moreno never played in the same system outside of last season, where unfortunately Moreno got hurt before reaping the benefits of the Tebow running game (although it flashed in KC). Buckhalter was the #2 behind Moreno because KM was the more consistent of the two.

you also seem to have the same selective memory about Moreno that others do. Moreno did not go down easy like Tatum did. He didn't get far a lot, due to guys being in the backfield immediately though.
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