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Originally Posted by g6matty View Post
Funny after two duis 9 game suspension tweeting a play book ; all things that should have got him released and he wasn't . AFTER ALL THAT THEY DECIDED TO KEEP HIM AROUND AND NOW HE'S PAYED HIS DEBTTO SOCIETY N THE TEAM WHY WOULD THEY RELEASE HIM IF ALL THAT WASN'T ENOUGH TO GET HIM THROWN OFF THE TEAM. The guys balling he's earning his keep and pay . He's not going anywhere u should focus your negativity elsewhere
You do not get it those things would have got him cut.

But until last Sunday he had not cost the team a dime or a roster spot.

He only came back because they told him in order to come back you have to take another cut in whats left of this years salary..

He has not paid his debt to society. He has yet to serve his time for the DUI.

He had a good play on the TFL. Beyond that lets not get all warm in the tummy for him.

He is a good LB making extraordinary pay. Right now a substitute player.

Do you understand all this?

Because your bromance with this skell should be redirected to someone or somewhere else.
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