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Originally Posted by Action View Post
He was judged to MAKE A FOOTBALL MOVE with CONTROL of the ball...

Watch the play again.

If this was in the field of play, I highly doubt Alexander would have spun and stretched for the end zone. It was CLEARLY a football move.

This play also happened last week:

If that is a fumble, then the Alexander play is a touchdown.

Hartline didn't even get to secure the ball before it was knocked out.
Still a condescending dick, I see.

The problem is that these things are regularly called in different ways. What you cite as "known" is neither in the rule book nor consistently enforced. Quite usually, the determining factor for a catch or not is simply whether or not the player still has the ball after the fact or whether it came free. If it comes free, it seems they call it an incompletion 90% of the time. I'd even venture to guess that had Alexander's been more noticeably dropped at the end of that play, it'd have been ruled incomplete on the field and up to the coaches to challenge for a TD. So for what you claim to be known, plenty of refs (I cited one above) apparently don't know it as well as you. You should be a ref and get those losers off the field.
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