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Damn you are stubborn.... and your lack of knowledge of the requirements of completing the process of a catch is actually amazing. Some have said it don't matter because he had control before crossing the goalline. Actually is does matter, because he was falling down as a result of his efforts in catching the ball. He did not complete the process of making the catch as stated in the NFL rules.

The NFL got this wrong, and if the Chargers would have completed the comeback and won, you better ****ing believe that controversy would be through the roof. The fact that the NFL has remained quiet on this ruling is the NFL stating that it does not give a **** to betting lines and whoever bet on the game (which I did not).
If you want to take a middle ground, it's a judgement call... he caught the ball, got two feet down and attempted to make a football move.

Meaning, he stretched for the touchdown.

The rule for the catch says something like, "must maintain control to the ground"... something along those lines correct?

Well the key word here is "control"... Alexander had control of the ball the WHOLE time AND he made a football move as judged by the referee... control/possession...


This whole catch rule is making you think too hard.

Imagine this:

Player A laterals to player B, player B catches the ball takes 1 step and dives for endzone - ball pops out...


People in here are over analyzing the catch rule in conjunction with the goal line rule here.

This play is really simple.

Caught the ball with two hands, full control, two feet down, lunged and stretched for the end zone with full control.
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