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Originally Posted by g6matty View Post
Only two things from Texas... Steers n queers and u sure aunt no bull.

Take a look at the Miami game last year Dj put the team on his back with a huge strip sack in overtime which kickstarted our miraculous season.

Funny that Dj hasn't played in 9 weeks and he's already on the feild for the 4th play of the game Dj is worth his contract and he's gonna prove it every week . The guys hungry and humbled by this experience he's had this year. . He's gonna start at MLB very soon.

If u wanna cry about contracts b**** about mays 4 mil a year. Dj is easily twice the player he is so at 7 mil they'll cut mays this offseason and stick Dj at middle and the financials just worked itself out
Wow your juvelinile posts get better and better.

Your probably jealous you are not a Texan.

DJ is toast he is being played to get his trade value up. Unless he drops his next years money significantly he is gone from Denver.

You do realize he took a huge hit in reducing what is left of this year contract just to stay with the team, right?
Other wise he is a FA right now, so next year is something you can take to the bank because JOHN E will be..

He is dumber than a post and your love affair with him is going to end poorly unless you figure that out.

Last but not least. John E has been putting together quality players that for the most part were, Smart and leaders ( team captains) in college.. Guys with zero blemishes on their records.

DJ has embarrassed JOHNs team three times to many. Enjoy this dumb ass while you can, mattie..
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