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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Most LB have the ability to start day one. Provided they are not busts.

I just do not see Elway spending a number 1 on a RB especially since we will not be picking until mid to late 20's.. Few great ones are left at that point.

I also doubt they draft one that is less than 230 pounds regardless of speed.

I beleive they finally see the merits of having a big back that cantankerous the pounding that the little guys can't, not to mention being able to run up the gut and get consistent positive yards.

Time will tell what they do. For that matter might go after UFA for their RB needs much like Ma Gahee. I would think that there are a few that would love to play in DEN after our recent success. Knowing they get enough carries to be good but not to many to shorten their career.

Hell they may use that number one to replace Clady who we can no longer afford at a position of less stature than it was ten years ago.

1. RB - I don't see the Broncos spending $5M for a FA RB either...there really aren't any guys who would fit well into the Manning system (Felix Jones?). You gotta have a guy who is a threat to catch the ball out of the backfield. A 230 lb. pounder isn't versatile enough. If there is an impact guy in the 1st round, guaranteed we will take him.

2. LB - The Broncos may target an ILB high in the draft (2nd round?). Mays either needs to seriously restructure, or get cut. DJ can't be counted on forever, and Brooking is ancient. It would be wise to draft an impact ILB with talent high in the draft, though they might not want to shake things up just yet, because there are other areas in need of improvement.

3. CB - I think they'll drop Porter, sign another FA CB, and draft another CB. There are lot's available. They will probably resign Sticky Man for a couple more years, hoping they can get him for relatively cheap...he will be tested in the coming weeks. We'll try to roll with 6 CB's next year instead of 5, so a talent infusion is necessary. Not to mention Champ will probably retire after 2014 (probably the same time Manning does).

4. DT - I'm sure the Broncos are going to lock down Vickerson for a couple more years, and probably resign Bannan for one more year. Wolfe should be starting at UT next year you would think. If not, they could make a play at Randy Starks, Ty Warren's spot needs to be replaced.

5. WR - Not sure if Stokley can go another year in the same capacity. Caldwell stays, but Matt Willis gets replaced with a new addition. Whether it's a FA, or draft pick remains to be seen. The Broncos need to add a dynamic playmaker at WR. Matthew Willis is probably gone.

6. OL - You might be right about OT. We don't have the money to throw around for enormous contracts on the OL. Only problem with that is, it's not great to have a rookie LT protecting Manning. But I can't see spending $10M on Clady. I think franchising Clady is a very real possibility. Hopefully they can work something out that won't break the bank.

7. Safety - Rahim Moore has emerged, without question, as the teams best Safety (thank the lord). I see Mike Adams holding onto starting SS, with Bruton backing up. Leonhard and Q. Carter battle it out for the final Safety roster space.

8. DE - They probably bring back the same crew as this year, resigning Jason Hunter on a 1 year deal, which I'm fine with. Elvis and Von on the edges can't be beat.

9. TE - Is Julius Thomas worthy of a roster spot? I don't know, but it's difficult to imagine them making any significant TE additions.

10. QB - Adios Hanie in 2013. Roster spots are far too valuable around these parts. Trindon Holliday's addition makes it necessary to carry 6 WR's.
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