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My picks...I picked every single game in the NFL the rest of the way. I've got the Broncos as the #2 seed - don't think they can catch Houston, but #2 is in play, although they'll probably have to win out to do so. (A definite possibility given the easy remaining schedule.) Think Pitt will do enough to get a wild card, but not win the division. Indy gets in at 8-8 by winning a tiebreaker over Cincy. San Diago goes 7-9, just good enough to keep Norv Turner around. Oakland goes 5-11, and KC fails at failing by winning a couple more and getting the #3 pick.

In the AFC playoffs, I'd take Baltimore over Indy, and Pittsburgh over New England (call it a hunch - I think both teams will be about even by then). Baltimore goes to Denver, and Pittsburgh goes to Houston. Think the Broncos beat the Ravens at home, and Pittsburgh upsets the Texans (still haven't won much in the playoffs, and Pittsburgh's battle tested). Pittsburgh at Denver for the AFC title. I know it sounds like a homer pick, but I'd take the Broncos. Not because of Manning, but because of the D. They're just really, really good and getting better seemingly every week. Oh, and they basically just added an impact FA midseason in D.J. Williams.

In the NFC...think New Orleans makes a valiant effort to get back into things and finishes 9-7, but it's just too deep of a hole. Bears and Falcons get byes. Wild card round I'd take San Fran over Seattle at home, and Green Bay beats the Giants in NY (just don't think NY has looked right this year). So then San Fran goes to Atlanta, where they take out Matty Ice. Green Bay goes to Chicago but falls short (that Chicago D is just sick). NFC title game is San Fran at Chicago, and I'd take the Bears by a hair.

So there's your Super Bowl...Denver vs. Chicago. Cutler and Marshall face their old team. Manning faces the team he beat to win his first Super Bowl. He does it again. I know it sounds homerish, but I really think the Broncos are for real. It's going to be a fun ride.
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