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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Maybe your are correct maybe not..

As for MLB you do not have to spend a top pick to get one. Nice to have but IMO we still need a DT to go with Wolf and maybe safety.

As far a s a RB I do not see John E popping for one high in the draft. Especially if Ma Gahee is back before the EOS or the draft. See more middle round 3-4 guys, happening there.

But Elway has surprised us pleasantly two times so far.
Picking an RB late burned them this year, and could likely keep them from going far in the playoffs. Not to mention it puts way too much pressure on Manning at the end of his career. They are going to look to ride this train as long as possible, and I'm sure will target an RB high. Remember, Carolina picked both Williams and Stewart in '06 and '08...currently we have nothing.

I see RB, and then BPA in the 2nd round. I seriously doubt the 2nd rounder will start immediately, no matter who it is.

Although, it looks like there might not be any RB's worthy of a 1st round they will probably have to go the FA route with RB too. Oh well.

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