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Originally Posted by TomServo View Post
im not lobbying for the cell phone guy to be signed. i see you probably didnt look at the stats. KM's longest run in 4 years is 36 yards.cell phone guy, 68 in one season 51 in another so all runs in between are unknown. both played short seasons but cell phone guy came out of the kiosk in 2008 and had a better season than KM starting fresh in 2011. explain how old man buckhalter did fine and old man mcgahee run fine behind the exact same offense? KM and T Bell both fell down if a slight breeze hit them. but given a little room t bell could at least break a long run.
Buckhalter had good ypc average in Philly as well as Denver...problem was he couldn't stay healthy, so I think he was just a very talented RB. McGahee in a tough between the tackles kind of guy, perfect fit for a power running team....I think they would have been decent RB's no matter who they played for.

Bell on the other hand was very good for the ZBS...a one cut and go kind of guy....and generally the ZBS allows a good size cutback lane which could explain why Bell was able to hit a long gainer. He was less successful in Detroit...and was made expendable in Denver by Mike getting canned as McD tried to turn us into a power running team with a ZBS OL....and Moreno almost gained 1000 yards while splitting carries behind that line.

Knowshon catches a lot of flack due to his where he was it's his fault McDaniels thought he was worth the 12th overall pick. At the time he was entering the draft he was considered by almost all of the draft "experts" as the most complete back coming out in '09.

If he gets to play, I think he'll make a solid will the other guys
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