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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
I'm hoping that y'all know he will not be a Bronco next year as we need a MLB and he is not the guy..

Unless hey go cheap and ask him to redo next years contract also..
The Broncos would be unwise to change-up the Defense much from where it is now...most improved in the NFL, and (soon to be) top 10 in scoring (again). The Broncos operate very little out of the traditional 4-3 set.

There won't be any really good FA MLB's. There is little possibility they spend a 1st dround draft pick on an ILB. Nope, don't see it this year.

They have to get starters out of the 2013 draft, because the 2012 draft has only produced one starter. I am guessing RB will be a top priority in the draft. They would probably also consider NT to battle Vickerson and Bannan (though they are having good years). LB is way down the list. This team is so freaking loaded, it's going to be difficult to get a roster spot. They should trade the whole back-end of the draft to move up with their first 2 picks.

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