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Originally Posted by baja View Post
McGahee is grossly under appreciated on this board
Mostly because he is not TD or AP someone that can take it all the way on any play. .

They see the flash and wonder what it would be like to score 60 a game. ..

We had that ability with John and TD but always relaxed after we were up 3 scores and in a lot of those games had to fight to the finish to hold on..
The D was on the field a lot and won or lost many of them with last second field goals.

Give me the big back that gets me 3.9 + every carry. He can handle the load as well as the punishment that NFL backs have to take.

If he gets an occasional 20 all the better but kill the clock instead of giving the ball back to the other team after 3 minutes, give your D rest on the sideline and wear down their D. So there is no question about the win afterwards.
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