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Originally Posted by 55CrushEm View Post
As far as picture quality goes......yes, absolutely. However, they are also much pricier than I don't believe Sony gives you the best VALUE.

I've been a Sony man my whole life....but went with a 60" Samsung last year, cause the price was FAR better.
I agree about the Sony. I would not have bought one again if I had not gotten such a great deal on it.

I ony got the 55" one because n the wall I wanted to put it on that was about as big as I could go.

I have since gotten an LG Gas Plasma that is great for action but reflects a lot.

I got a great deal (Free) so the price was right it will go into my workout room once we get that room emptied out of all the stuff from the rest of the house after the remodel we did.

But go after the Sony Bravia if you find a deal on Black Friday. It is worth it in the long term.
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