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Originally Posted by CEH View Post
Example: After Willis went out I know for a fact Hillman missed the correct hole BTW a huge hole on teh left size basically could have walked backwards into the endzone but he went right a a yard gain and they had to settle for a FG when a TD there would have been huge

Hope I'm wrong and someone steps up
Yep. I think you're talking about the play where it was 2nd and goal at the 8. Hillman got the handoff, and headed towards a gaping hole over the Left Guard. Weddle started to sprint up from the endzone, and Hillman veered right to bounce it around the right edge. A Defensive Lineman fought through his block and tackled Hillman for a 1 yard gain, as Ronnie. Ronnie could have easily ran the ball down to the 4 or 5 yard line on that play if he ran through the hole.

The next play (3rd and goal), Manning completed a pass to Lance Ball down to the 1...then we kicked a FG.

I thought, at that time, that if McGahee were in, we'd have a good shot of scoring a TD instead of an FG.

McGahee might have been able to pick up a 1st down, on the last Offensive series too.

These backup RB's have a lot riding on them, but they are in a good situation to succeed. 6 games to go until playoffs.
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