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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
You're right. Rewatching the Chargers game, McGahee always plows ahead for a couple more yards after contact.

While Hillman, Ball, and Moreno go down at first contact. It generally makes a difference of a couple yards, and is the primary reason why McGahee is effective, while the three-legged stool only aspires to be.
I know I basically outined a couple pages back what I thought Maghee brought to the table that the other RBs do not. He consistently turns a 2 yard gain into a 4 yard gain. Come the 4th r those 4 yards gains turn into a 10 yard gain and clock eater

Example: After Willis went out I know for a fact Hillman missed the correct hole BTW a huge hole on teh left size basically could have walked backwards into the endzone but he went right a a yard gain and they had to settle for a FG when a TD there would have been huge

Some ppl on here expect AD when that is not what Willis is but he provides a skill set that I think the others will have a hard time matching

Hope I'm wrong and someone steps up
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