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While I agree that the draft is a crap shoot, and some players look good one year only to become mediocre or worse in the next I'll take this time to say I called it correctly when it came to Von Miller.

posted by me in the following thread - "Experts" predict Broncos to select Alabama DT Dareus

I'm sure it'll happen a few times...but if we can pressure the opposing QB it won't matter cuz the ball will be thrown way before the WR makes his double move, and the result will be an "IN-COM-PLETE" or INT....which is why Von Miller has been climbing up my personal wish list. If Doom comes back to anywhere near 17.5 sacks, and we have Miller too? I'm thinking QB's will actually fear playing Broncos again.

Von Miller is a 6'3" 246 pound LB that had 178 career tackles at Texas A&M with 33 career sacks, 11 in '10... he had 17 sacks in '09. Oddly, he's never forced a fumble and only has one INT...but we need someone that can scare the QB and make him **** himself. Miller is that kind of guy.....he does however seem to fit better in a 3-4 than 4-3.

If Miller is who the Broncos covet...i say pick him a few spots higher to guarantee you get him. Unless Carolina takes him #1...we would land the best LB and possibly the best pass rusher in the draft

that maybe true....if we trade down, i hope it is true. I just think that if this miller kid is all he's hyped to be, then he sounds like an unbelievable player that could be a game changer....and the question i'm wondering is this...if we draft Dareus, is there a LB that could come close to Miller in the draft? I think no...but If we draft miller, i do think we can find a DT that can come close to Dareus

....just saying
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