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Originally Posted by baja View Post
He will have his break out game this week in KC. The other guy got the deal.

Fox has ben saying for a couple of weeks now that Hilman is due to have a breakout game. What better place than KC. Manning will have us up big early than its a running feast
Nothing that I have seen tells me Hillman is ready to be the Alpha dog or have a breakout game. Sure, maybe he will breakout a few runs... but the kid just goes down every time at the first contact. You saw how many times PM got sacked last game right? Sure, Koppen was the one who really struggled last game, but it can't be a coincidence that PM got sacked 3 times after Willis was out. Hillman is just not ready for a full time starting gig that asks of our backs to be superb pass protectors. KM blows Hillman and Ball in this department by far.
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