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Originally Posted by Smiling Assassin27 View Post
I'm with you. It's all about matchups in this league, and we just don't match up well with their personnel, IMO. The Pats have learned that a balanced offense will take 'em further than Brady's right arm. THey've lost 2 SB's as a pass happy team and won 3 with a balance of running to lean on as well. Ridley and Woodhead are slippery and dangerous. The Pats worry me immensely.

They have reinvented themselves for about the 4th time now.

Every time we think we have them figured out they change. A lot like manning years ago. We had no CBs so Mikey got Champ thinking that would fix him in the next playoff. Nada so we get another good CB and try it again this time he kills us with the slot guy.

The game evolves. We thought This year was our year and then Brady pulled the super fast no huddle. Killed us again.

Not sure we can cover all the receivers he has tight enough to stop it. If we do then the RBs go crazy.

Now they have that new CB they traded for NE is going to Be tough.
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