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Chris Harris

I've always felt the Bears were overrated. The 49'ers, they're good but how did they tie last week and lose to the Vikings a few weeks before that. They sometimes don't win the games they should. In no way am I putting them in the Superbowl as of yet. They got to face an overrated Bears team with no QB and no offense really. I think the Packers could more then give the 49'ers all they can handle. We saw them in the preseason and it was not even a contest for our starters.

Honestly, the only teams I think that could hang with Denver right now are Packers, Texans, Patriots. I think a rematch with Falcons we would win by 10 or so. We just had an early season melt down 1st qtr and they needed every last point of that melt down to hold on to the win.
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