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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by fwf View Post
I dont buy it. Maybe next man up who gets to wear a Jersey. You dont go from 4th to 1st over night and become the team savior. Lets Get behind Ball can we.
I think Ball was #2 to start the season because he was good on special teams. Then he went to #3 soon after because Hillman was getting his chance. Ball still active over Moreno, again, because he was good at special teams, and decent at everything, running, blocking, catching, but not really great at any of them.

I do think Moreno is a better runner then Ball. I also think he's just as good if not just a tad better at pass blocking.

I think both guys are going to get their plays. I really do think this is going to be replace McGahee by committee. So it doesn't matter who's in there, not 1 back is probably going to be the "feature" guy.
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