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You must be in a league were you lose points for fumbles. Nine touches and he fumbled last week. When they wanted to run the clock out they trusted Hillman not Ball.
Your point about Hillman getting the rock at the end of the game is a decent one but if you want to compare who's better at protecting the ball then I think we need larger sample sizes for both... Hillman 1 fumble thru 46 attempts. Ball 5 thru 175.

So i went back and tried to find fumble totals from college. I didnt see anything on Ball, but Hillman lost 5 fumbles in 13 games last season and 2 his freshman year.

Something i found interesting during my search was the pre-draft analysis by on Hillman. Their write-up on his negative is pretty much exactly what we're seeing this season. Let's hope we see more of the positives down the stretch.

Rare two-year production. Nearly beat Missouri by himself as a freshman. Has playmaking ability (see 99-yard TD vs. Wyoming). Good vision and balance. Is quick-footed, agile and elusive with a fluid stride. Nice lateral agility to jump-cut and divert his path. Strings moves together with stop-and-start ability. Good short-area quickness to zip through creases. Shows second-level burst. Keeps his legs pumping on contact. Has hip flexibility and change of direction to separate vs. man coverage and is slippery after the catch. Handled an average of 23 carries per game over two years.

Undersized — has a small, narrow frame and lacks bulk. Is not equipped to grind between the tackles. Average run strength — too easily turned on contact, gets stood up in the hole and cannot push the pile. Still developing patience — at times runs up the backs of linemen. Can be short-circuited by penetration. Carries the ball loosely away from his body and fumbles have been an issue. Lets throws get into his body and drops passes he shouldn’t. Low blocker. Was contained by TCU.

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