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Originally Posted by oubronco View Post
How much did that set you back
2995.00 , I went with the Yamaha. Love it, I went with a 1080I version that came with 4000 lumins apposed to the samsung 1080p that only had 2500. I can run it on 80 percent power and double the bulb life which is nice cause they are close to 200 bucks. PS3 games are quite fun and porn is well, lets just say watch out for the money shot. You do need a good sound system with it, I need to upgrade my center channel in a bad way. But I just can't see buying a tv again unless its a small one for the bedroom.

Here is a pic from last year when I was setting it up. I have made some adjustments so that the whole wall is now taken up and the pic looks a little funny cause of the flash but you get the jest.
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