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A tip on shopping. Have done this past couple of years.

Find a few model numbers of what you want..

I normally shop at I trust them.
I have a program loaded on my big Mac that goes out and searches for the best price when given a model number. price blink IIRC it runs in the back ground so do not pay attention to the name any more.

Last year I was looking at 55" vizio 3d 480hz led back lit. Was following the price each week it went down like 50. Was going to buy at 1300. All the other comparable units were in the 1800-2600 range depending in manufacture.

For some reason it started going up in price.

I chanced across a a Sony Bravia 55" backlit led 3D usually 2400 or so but found it at 1800 and then cost watched it all thursday night.

At midnight east coast time I fired up the Mac and started shopping. Price blink found one in amazon for 1195. Free shipping and no tax. BTW next day it was back up in the low 2000s.

Figured I saved so much money I would pick up a blu-ray 3D player. Had been looking at them found one at SAMs for 190 or so. So used that as a guide line.

Back to amazon found a top of the line Sony 3D bluray home theater with wireless back speakers (having exposed wires in the old house really ticked off mamma) had no idea of its worth MsRP.. But again the shopper found it at 359. So I pounced on that also. Next day after the sales listed at 900.

Have gotten kitchen appliances that way also top end food processors and mixers the year before and saved about 60% on both.

The key is be ready at midnite east coast time. And have a great shopper program.

Do not blink when you see the prices as they go fast.

Where I live there is a 9% state-city tax on this stuff so if you can find free shipping and no tax. You are saving even more.

Good luck folks.

Last but not least I was buying for Christmas present so when they arrived on Monday and Tuesday after Thanksgiving I was shocked. Had them both up and running tuesday night.

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