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Everybody knew that Von was going to be lights out as a pass rusher in the NFL, a lot of people thought he would go to a scheme (3-4) where he could be utilized like Demarcus Ware, etc.

What people questioned was the value at the #2 selection for a SAM linebacker in a 4-3 scheme. That is why I wasn't necessarily for the pick and was hoping Dareus would have been the call given our terrible DT depth, I also liked Patrick Peterson. We have tweaked the defense enough to have Miller getting a sizeable role with the team and he has shown that he is a Pro-Bowl player, who will be an All-Pro and if the dice roll right, a Hall of Famer.

John Fox and Co. did a terrific job with getting Von and with Elvis on the team, we have a fearsome pass-rushing duo for quite some time.

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