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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
Every time I've watched them the've looked pretty ****ty, but I will admit that's probably only been three or so times.
As the other poster said, their defense has been lights out -- and in some of those games mentioned, the offense did do a really good job putting up some good points. Same thing can be said about the Broncos, though our offense is much better -- especially passing the ball. Walking over poor to average teams, but losing to NE, HOU and ATL who are the class of the NFL. So the Bears losing to good teams like GB, HOU and SF shouldn't be held against them.

The Bears OL is absolutely disgusting and has been for years, not only that, Mike Tice is an abortion of an offensive coordinator. As much crap as Cutler gets, you can see how bad the offense is without him. They are on the verge of having another collapse like last season if Cutler is unable to play because of his concussion for an extended period of time.
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