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Originally Posted by RaiderH8r View Post
I would rather have Von.

Also, our secondary is better than the Bears'. Our pass rush is better. The Niners don't scare me nearly as much as the Pats. Those guys, for whatever reason and I can't put it down on paper, just seem to have our number. We beat ourselves in the Falcons game and I think we can keep up with Houston but the damn Pats give me fits.

Also, Ledarius Webb should be arrested for negligence. He is killing QB careers out there. What a tool.
Funny it's just the opposite for me. The Patriots do not scare me, I think with the evolution Harris and Carter and the gelling of the pass rush we will give Brady fits and with their defense Manning will carve them up. I think we beat the Pats handily.

The 49er's on the other hand will be hard to run on and Manning might be in trouble against that rush. We will defend the offense well though I suspect.
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