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Default Wesley Woodyard on his way to the Pro Bowl?

I don't see an OLB outside of Von Miller in the AFC that would go over him that has the kind of combination of stats like this

We could see 2 Bronco OLBs elected pro bowl this year. (of course they won't be playing in it because we will be in the SB )

Tackles: 88
Sacks: 3 (2nd in 4-3 OLBs, Von obv. 1)
FF: 1
TFL: 6
INTs: 3 (leads all OLBs)
He has impressive stats, but most of all watching him I feel like hes playing at a Pro Bowl level. Good thing we got him re-signed to a 2 year deal this off-season, lets hope we can extend that deal when the time is right and keep him in Denver.

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