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Portis 2003 5 TD game highlights

I'm also very fond of:

Elway down 19-6, wins 20-19 vs one of Marty's early 90's teams
The Monday Night meltdown
'97 Playoff game (This was has stung them for 15 years, they still aren't over it)
2002 37-34 OT win at Arrowhead (Had a dbag next to me talking **** all game, he bolted quickly after we won)
Tebow 2 completions, still win

Also, here's a profile of most Chief fans you'll encounter in real life:

Middle aged, goatee, slightly to morbidly obese, inferiority complex, generally unhappy, hates his life, closet racist, believes sporting events are rigged/the other team always cheats and that's why they win

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