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C J Anderson

Originally Posted by snowspot66 View Post
Look at Moreno's career averages and look at McGahee's averages in our offense.

I know we all trust McGahee more but let's be honest here. We aren't trying to replace Adrian Peterson for the next four to six games. The only thing that matters is that our line blocks well. If it does Moreno has shown that while he was definitely over drafted he can still contribute, he still has talent, and he can help give us an average run game. That's all we need. Just something to force them to respect it.

Stop hating him for what he's not and respect him for what he is capable of. A solid enough back to step in and keep our running game at it's present level. He got 4.3 a carry with Kyle Orton leading the charge to a 4-12 record. I'm pretty sure he can match that mark.
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