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Originally Posted by fwf View Post
Hillman doesn't deserve 15 carries a game. He's gotten his shot and hasnt shown lick.. He doesnt make guys miss. As long as Ball picks up his assignments we'll be fine with him getting 15 carries and letting KM and Hillman split the other 10.
^ Are you serious? Putting the majority in the care of Ball? Heck no! Just watch how Moreno runs away with the job unless he gets injured... which is really his biggest problem. I have no doubt that for the first time KM will have an OL that will not get pushed back at the line of scrimmage 80% of the time. Now it's up to him to take advantage of the situation of Manning being the defense main problem. He will have his chance... it's up to him to not let his career fizzle down the drain.
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