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He's faster, more agile, better hands with 77 catches on 105 times targeted (73%), is a competent blocker, has more experience as a starter with 1920 yards rushing (career 4.1 ypc) 19 total TD's....averages one fumble for every 62 touches...

By comparison Ball has only 737 yards rushing (4.2 ypc) and only 3 total TD's and 27 receptions out of 50 times he's been targeted (54%) despite having played the same number of seasons...averages one fumble for every 41 touches

so to summarize, Moreno is the better athlete, more experienced runner, who hangs onto the ball better, is more reliable as a pass catcher and does more with it when he does touch it.

But don't forget that Moreno isn't good enough to dress
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