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C J Anderson

Originally Posted by ScottXray View Post
McGahee says he thinks he can get back in 4-5 weeks. But he is
over 30 years old and, frankly, it takes longer to heal the older you are.

My bet is he isn't going to make it back in time for the playoffs, or maybe even the SB ( assuming we get there).

Most likely Knowshown will be active next week and will be in the rotation on running plays. If he is blowing blitz pickups it will be Ball getting the bulk of the calls and KM in for short yardage runs. Hopefully Kuper is back by the Tampa game.

If Mcgahee goes on IR they will sign a FA pickup or move up JJ. Probably the latter.

It makes no sense that they have kept KM on the roster this long and would cut him now. He is cheap insurance for just this situation and that is why they kept him. Now, he gets a chance to change their ( and most here) minds. Lets hope he steps up and does just that.
I think he will. He was playing like a man possessed when he went down with an injury.

Maybe the FO sees him as fragile and did just as you said kept him safe and inactive on the sidelines so he would be fully rested and healthy for just this occasion, mean while getting youg Hillman some necessary reps to get up to speed at the pro level.

Oh and they really didn't like that fumble he gave up on the last play he played this season.
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