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Originally Posted by Peter King
Quote of the Week III

"That's the old rule number one you never do. You're in your 15th year, and you kind of just say, 'Who gives a ----.''
-- Peyton Manning, miked by NFL Films for NFL Network's SoundFX show, running off the field after throwing a pass across his body, rolling right and throwing left, hitting Brandon Stokley for a touchdown against Carolina eight days ago.

Manning sounded like a coach often in the miking, gathering his offensive mates at one point and barking: "Let's address this now, so we don't do it at the end of the game and say, 'This is what went wrong.' We've made mental errors on every single play. I don't have to review 'em, right? There's not one thing they've done to stop us, right? Do our jobs better, and we'll execute. All right? Let's go. Hone in."

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Originally Posted by Peter King
Stat of the Week I

Shawne Merriman, who had his first sack of the season Thursday night for Buffalo, averaged 13.2 sacks per year in his first three NFL seasons. He's averaged 1.2 sacks per year in his last five seasons.

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Wow, who knew this guy was still playing. He must really need the money.
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