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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
I get this bothers people that the ball squirts out when he is down and all but lets be real he is the smallest person in the NFL. When those big guys fall on him the ball will squirt out like a lid coming off a toothpaste tube that is stepped on.

Great analogy. So your saying Holiday is like a bug, ready to get the juice squirted out of him? Never though of it that way. He has 6'2" 240 lb. dudes running down the field full-speed looking to truck him...and he is 5'5".

It's kinda like a 7th grader playing "squash the monkey" with a bunch of high-school Seniors.

Or like a pack of lions hunting a baby gazelle. Sometimes the gazelle gets away and runs back to the pack (Touchdown), and sometimes the gazelle gets ripped to shreds (ball comes out).
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