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It doesn't matter what you think Moreno can do. The coaches dont agree with you. He doesnt even dress man. Assuming he's not hurt, this is all the proof we need. They dont think much of him. They didnt draft him. You guys live in la la land. You really think Moreno will come out next week and get 20 carries? Fox doesnt care what he's done in the past or how high he was drafted. He cares about how you look in practice this week. He may get a few carries and if he looks good he may get a few more, but as of right now I think Ball takes McGahee's spot and its status quo.
Man you are an idiot. If Ball was so good why did he get replaced by a rookie too. You have been wrong a bunch of times up and down these threads. That's why everyone thinks you are just a troll. Only trolls keep coming back for more after being wrong so many times. The others just disappear.
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