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Here is the conundrum:
1. They are hoping McGahee will only be out 4-6 weeks
2. "Temporary" IR designation is no longer applicable
3. To sign a Free Agent, a currently active player would need to be cut
4. The only possible guys they could cut would be Knowshon Moreno or Julius Thomas (that I an see).
5. Don't think that's going to happen

It all comes down to who you think is more valuable...Joseph Addai or Knowshon Moreno. It's going to be a tough call...but if they were going to drop Knowshon for Addai, they would have done it at the start of the season. Fox and Co. aren't into mid-season roster shake-ups. A part of me thinks Addai is better...but something is obviously going on with him, or he would be on a team already.
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