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Why is everyone so sure Moreno is going to play alot? How do you go from street cloths to number 1 back in a week? The more likely scenario is Hillman will start next week,, the offense will sputter a bit because Hillman stinks,, then Ball will come in and finish with around 14-16 carries. I predict maybe 3 carries for Moreno. How do we know Johnson wont dress instead of Moreno. The fact is.. you dont.

Probably cause the starting RB went down. Hillman won't carry the load a starting RB. Even if he's starting. There will be NO clear starter. Have you not watched at all this year? People were complaining there was NO run game before Mcgahee got hurt. You seem hell bent on pointing out your negative opinion about this entire team. They are averaging 30 points a game with a average at best run game this year. That should tell you something.
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