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Originally Posted by fwf View Post
You're right lonestar, because i just speak falsity's and propaganda. McGahee is awesome! I come to the mane to debate people, not be a cheerleader. I cheer at home. I'm not in here posting on every thread trying to be a troll. I havent called out Fox this season.

I have one issue that I call people out on. That's their unending love for McGahee and their status quo mentality when it comes to our run game. I dont believe McGahee gets a pass bc he's a veteran and has had success in the past. Sry. Most of you dont agree. This team could avg 40 points a game if we had a CJ Spiller or Doug Martin. Thats why I was so outspoken about bringing someone in at the deadline.

The run game is a real issue and no one seems to give a ****.
Male bovine Excrement. No reasonable Fans on here pout out unending love.

Most see it for what it is. He is the beat option to run the ball in this scheme.

KM has happy feet and has as big a fumble issues as The big guy has and is I'll equipped to handle big boy NFL football. At best he is a change of pace RB. Same as the rookie and Trindon is..

As for Ball seen flashes for him as well as numbness the othe RB JJ iirc has how's me nothing other than disaster RB. When you have no me else.

Now if yow want to talk about next year have a ball but stop the crap about a damned fine RB that has done all that was expected from him since coming to town..
It is not like we have a gazillion dollar wrapped up in him..

Last but not least. Running the ball in Mannings O is when HE sees the opening to do so after seeing the defensive set up. RBs are jut there to keep the DL/DC honest. And to kill the clock.

So we do not need a super stud until Manning is gone.
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