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Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
Its the Hillman/Ball show now.
Trying out RBs doesnt exactly show any confidence in slowshon.
actually it has nothing to do with confidence in KM. It has to do with healthy bodies. Right now only Hillman and Ball are active, hence we need to stash another RB on the inactive list just in case one of ours goes dumb.

Damn... wish folks around here would just leave the blind hate! Like it or not, our running game right now depends of Moreno, Ball and Hillis. The last 2 I mentioned are not remotely close to being capable starting backs in this league... just not right now in Hillman's case. Thinking a street agent is going to get touches over Moreno right now is pretty delusional. Or do you want a street free agent to mess up on a protection call and get PM injured? Yeah... though so!
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